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Note: After Selecting OR entering Survey / Sub-Division number, A Click on the Get Details Button will display land details of selected survey number as follows, if data available in WEBLAND. Any Item can be changed. Otherwise blank screen will be displayed where all the Land attributes can be entered afresh.
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Scanned Copy of Pahani : Scanned Copy of Title deed :
Scanned Copy of PPB : Scanned Copy of ROR-1B :
(Supported file types are *.jpg, *.jpeg Maximum file size is 1024KB. )
Grievanc is to be filed for your details which are availabe in any of the above mentioned documents issued to you and not available in the WEBLAND which incldues
1. survey number is available but the entries in the WEBLAND are wrong OR
2. Surevey number / sub-Division number if Missing in the Webland.
3. If All of the survey / sub-divions numbers of a khata number are missing, Each Survey / Sub-Division number has to be entered separately, each such entry will have different Transaction number and all the transaction numbers are to be preserved for varification of Status